Job Duties

  • Collaborates with Top management and departmental managers to understand skills and competencies required for the openings in the organization.
  • Identifies/spots the right talents, motivates and negotiates with them to apply.
  • Screens and shortlists the received resumes on the basis of job requirements.
  • Schedules and conducts/arrange Interviews of the shortlisted candidates for different levels of interview.
  • Conducts background checks for interviewed candidates to confirm they match the company culture and values.
  • Issues Appointment letters to all finally selected employees.
  • Provides orientation training to new employees.
  • Maintains employee attendance, and other personal details digital and paper formats.
  • Creates and distributes internal communications regarding status changes, benefits, or company policies. Makes appropriate announcements about these from time and time as necessary.
  • Payroll and Leave Management
  • Conducts exit interviews and recommends preventive and corrective actions as required
  • Responds to employment-related inquiries from applicants, employees, and supervisors.
  • Conducts and coordinates activities/celebrations during birthdays, and Company Annual/Founder’s Day.

Knowledge Requirements

  • Graduate
  • Experience in Recruitment & Selection process
  • Knowledge of compensation & Benefits/Payroll
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office application

Skill Requirements

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent in administration.
  • Excellent in Written and Verbal communication in English and Hindi