Zeke Innovations®


Thomas & Brian® with its expertise in process fluid handling applications have come up with a new range of products specifically to solve problems related to industrial solvent and acids. With the advancement of process industry in developing newer chemicals and solvents, standard available metal products like Metal Fittings, Valves and Tubes were not giving the life as expected by engineers. This meant, manufacturers were forced to come up fluid handling products in New Age Materials.

Since traditional metals we ineffective, Advanced Engineering Plastics are used in range of Valves, Fittings and Tubings. These products are specifically used in critical and hazardous applications where metals face problems like, Stress Cracking, Embrittlements and Corrosion.

  • Compatible to most Corrosive & Reactive Media if selected appropriately

  • Polymer/plastics available for a range of temperature requirements

  • No weathering effects (Swelling or Colour loss) compared to other locally available materials like PU or Nylon.

  • Some plastics/polymers also prevent permeation of certain Gases

  • Compatibility means long life or until physical damage, which means reduced maintenance costs

  • FireSafe as the most materials do not catch fire in the event.

Note: - As a drive for continuous improvements of our products, Thomas & Brian® reserves the right to change the descriptions contained in this brochure without prior notice. Consult local Agent or Factory for revisions and/or service related issues.